For almost two decades Kristen has has devoted her life to the craft of wedding and portrait photography. Her work reflects the passion she has for creating beautiful imagery for the people who have entrusted her with this incredible responsibility. The images that we take tell important stories. This is our life's work and we take great pride in it. No matter what type of wedding or portrait experience you want, we will enthusiastically be there to photograph it. 

We're Beck Photo Co. Creating a seamless blend of art and authenticity.




Together, we'll discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, and celebrate all the moments.

Photographs are so important. They are documentation of a life well lived. And long after the day is done, the memories and photographs are what we have left. The images that I take tell important stories. Your story. This is my life's work. 

We Can't Wait to Tell Your Story.

To our amazing clients:

Attention to detail is a cornerstone here at Beck Photo Co. We will always prioritize quality.

Photography has been a constant in my family. Starting with my grandfather, everything was documented. I have film scans from the 1940's, photos my grandfather took of his friends playing baseball. Or images of his honeymoon with my grandmother in the 1950's. When I was born, the first grandchild, his focus was solely on photographing my childhood. And I think that at some point in those early days of my life that passion was passed onto me .

By the time I was double digits I had a fascination with photography. I remember breaking my parent's "nice" camera and so they decided to buy me my own, a Pentax 35mm analog SLR. I used the hell out of that camera photographing friends, working on the yearbook staff, taking one million photos of my cats. When I started my business in 2006 I used the savings bonds I had saved for over twenty years. That same grandfather (and my grandmother) had purchased them for me as a baby and I cashed them in two decades later to launch my dream. 

The origin story.

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You are looking for a photographer who documents your wedding day in an organic way. 

You want a wedding photographer who is laid back, but can take charge when needed.

You want a second-to-none experience that prioritizes customer service. 

You want a photographer who edits photographs in a timeless style.

You want a little help in front of the camera to ensure you look and feel your best.

You want a photographer that does this full-time, and has more than a decade of experience.

You value photography as an art.

You want your photographs to reflect your personality and a photographer who listens to your requests.

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Prioritize quality over quantity.

Create art that transcends time and trends.

Design an excellent client experience.

Acquire lifelong clients.

Create a sustainable business that survives generations.

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Authentic, Real Life Connections

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