Cleveland Elegant Rustic Wedding

An absolutely beautiful Spring wedding at Parker Barn. Carly and Trevor had the perfect mix of elegance and rustic.

In the picturesque upscale barn nestled amidst rolling hills and verdant fields, Carly and Trevor’s wedding unfolded, blending rustic charm with timeless sophistication. The weathered wooden beams of the barn provided a rustic backdrop, softened by the natural sunlight peaking in through the windows that cast a warm, enchanting glow. Adorned with lush blooms and verdant foliage, the space exuded an air of natural elegance. Just outside in the expansive green space set in front of a beautiful lake, the bride, radiant in her gown of ivory lace and the groom in his tailored attire exchanged vows. As day turned to dusk, the celebration continued under the starlit sky. Everyone danced the night away to the eclectic music selected by the DJ and the couple made a grand exit to end the evening.

A thank you to the amazing vendor team that made all of this possible:

Photography: Beck Photo Co.

Venue: Parker Barn

DJ: Dj Rev Dev

Florist: Creative Images Florist

Videography: TawV Visuals

Cake: Tiffanys Bakery

Catering: Dishes By Design

Dress: Ivory Room

Shoes: Bella Belle

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