frequently asked questions

01. Do you travel internationally for weddings?

Yes we do (and we are pretty enthusiastic about it, too!).

02.How many weddings have you photographed?

We have photographed hundreds of weddings all across the United States over the last 17 years.

03. Do you charge extra for travel?

The collections we create for you include everything, even travel. 

04. Do you have insurance?

Absolutely. Several kinds. This is an absolute must for any business or photographer.

05. How long does it take to get our photos back?

For portrait sessions it is two weeks or less. For weddings it is nine weeks or less. We do have options for expedited gallery delivery if needed. 

06. how far in advance should I book my portrait or wedding?

I recommend you book your wedding as soon as you have a location or venue secured. Most couples will reach out 9-18 months in advance. Weekends during peak season (May-October)  get booked the fastest and earliest. 

For portraits I recommend you book 1-2 months in advance if possible. This gives us time to plan all of logistics. 

07. What else do you offer in addition to photography?

We also offer video, content creators, and film (35mm analog). These are all add-ons to photography!

08. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Almost everyone who works with us will take advantage of this. We can spread payments out in ways that make the most sense for you. Flexibility is our speciality in regards to this.

09. Do you hold dates?

Yes! You can hold your date with a contract + retainer. Everything is done online and only takes five minutes. 

10. Where can we find your prices and packages?

Just reach out and we can send you everything!

11. What makes you different from other photographers?

A lot. But I would say two of the biggest differences is, one, how long I have been doing this. There are SO many new photographers that entice people to book them because of their low prices, but the quality and their lack of experience can ruin a portrait session or wedding (trust me, I've heard horror stories). These photographers are usually only in business for a few years (I have been around since 2006). Second difference between me and other photographers is the level of care you get when you come to me. Many photographers have a churn and burn model and that is just not how I do things. Many of my clients have been with me for over ten years (which I think says a lot). I value creating lasting relationships with the people I serve. And treating people with kindness is very important to me. 

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