Georgetown/Vosh – Lakewood/Cleveland, Ohio – Wedding Photos

From first look to last call, I just loved this intimate wedding and let me tell you why…

1. Eric and Julia had time to visit and spend quality time with each and every guest.

2. They were able to utilize an absolutely STUNNING venue that only hosts smaller events (around 100 or less).

3. The attention to detail and final touches were simply stunning.

4. They were able to hire their dream vendors with the money they saved on having a smaller guest list.

5. Julia was exhausted by 5pm and told me she was SO happy she planned her wedding as a early afternoon affair so she could go home and get in PJs 😂

Smaller, more intimate weddings aren’t for everyone, but they are perfect for those who value some of the above mentioned perks. Personally, I think they are the bees knees and I just love photographing them.

Venue: @georgetownvoshlkwd
Music: @city6strings
Hair/Makeup: @allisonkayeglam
Florals: @flowermanflowers

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