Where Should I Elope?


Where shouldn’t you? The definition of eloping has changed drastically in the last several decades. There are quite literally no rules. Elopements can take place close to home or on another continent. Elopements can be just the couple or can include several friends or family members. On a mountain top, in the woods, beside a huge lake, in your backyard, on the ski slopes, on a plane. The only thing that limits you is your desire for adventure.

So, with that in mind, where should you elope? And how on earth do you put together something that is so simple, yet so extravagant? Let’s start with the first question. I have put together some of the coolest places you can travel to when you say “I do.” And, hint hint, I am ready with my camera to follow you to them all!

  • Treehouses: This is the little kid in me talking (or probably just me talking because who am I kidding). Who doesn’t love a freaking treehouse?!? And due to their recent popularity there are a lot to choose from that range from humble, woodsy dwellings to mack daddy forest mansions.
  • Iceland: Breathtaking black sand beaches (Reynisfjara), stunning national parks (Þingvellir / Thingvellir, Snæfellsjökull / Snaefellsjokull and Vatnajökull / Vatnajokull), SO MANY hot springs. Do I even need to continue? This country and island is so unique and offers a lot to people who love the outdoors.
  • Ski Slopes: If you love to ski like I do then you know why this would be amazing. The ski town, ski slope vibe is epic. Can you even imagine spending the whole day skiing with beautiful mountain views, enjoying a cocktail in the hot tub overlooking a mountain and then wake up the next day to get married? Or, if you are feeling extra spicy, getting married WHILE on skis. The possibilities are endless.
  • Your house/backyard: There is no place like home. Cliche, but I mean it. I love my house and my yard. Being home makes me feel happy and comfortable and at peace. So why not get married where you feel like the best version of you?

The next question most people have is how in the world do you plan something like this. Hi! This is where I step in. I will help connect you with the right vendors including a wedding planer, if needed, to orchestrate everything. You can quite literally choose the location or adventure and let me connect the dots.

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