Destination Wedding Photographer

So you’ve decided to travel somewhere amazing for your wedding? Awesome. I was married 15 years ago in the Bahamas and couldn’t more highly recommend a destination wedding. The next step is either find a knowledgable photographer who will help you plan (ie Beck Photo Co.) or try to do it yourself. Since we not only have been married in a destination wedding, but have photographed many destination weddings, we like to offer our expertise to our couples. We love being destination wedding photographers and helping couples create amazing weddings!

Destination weddings have been increasing in number (and for good reason). Exchanging vows in breathtaking locales, creating unforgettable memories against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes, what’s not to love?

Destination weddings come in different sizes. Small: You are eloping (either by yourself or with a handful of guests- usually less than 10). Medium: You are traveling with 11-40 people to say you I do’s (we have 27 people with us, so this is the category we fall into). Large: You want to plan a full wedding of 50+ people in attendance. My brother and his wife had over one hundred people at their destination wedding in the Hamptons, so I am super familiar with that as well! I think this might be one of the harder decisions to make during the whole process- how big you want the wedding to be!

Just my two cents here, but I liked my medium to small sized destination wedding because we could offer a lot to our guests (super customized welcome baskets, for example) that we couldn’t have done if we had forty or more people. To play devil’s advocate, though, my brothers wedding was a HUGE party and it was partly because of the number of guests there. It was a lot of fun to have such a large group of friends and family all in one destination. So long story short, there is no wrong way to do a destination wedding.

While some may worry about the logistics and costs associated with attending a destination wedding, many couples choose destinations that cater to a range of preferences and budgets. From all-inclusive resorts to boutique hotels, you can find a location or a venue that is perfect for you! And since we are THE destination wedding photographer company, we offer offer a twenty-page planning guide which takes a lot of the planning burden off of you.

Ready to explore the portfolio and find out if we are the right destination wedding photographer for you? Let’s take a peek!

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