Ohio City Engagement Photos

Sara and Frank wanted to combine a lot in their engagement photos. I giggled a bit when they sent me inspiration photos because it included 6-7 vastly different backdrops. I e-mailed Sara back and said while we cannot do all of this for the engagement photos, we can do a couple and we needed to narrow down what was most important. She laughed and we decided that she loved the feel of the photos, but really wanted to focus on images with a more city backdrop and a few photos in a bar. Oh and a couple in the back of Frank’s truck!

I told her I knew the perfect location. We headed to Ohio City and met by Great Lake’s Brewery. Sara surprised Frank by arriving with freshly dyed dark hair (a big change from before). She told me she had it dark before and he loved it.

Engagement photos in the city are a lot of fun. I usually like to explore alongside my couples, walking and talking as we find cool and interesting spots to take photos. Beyond planning for the sun and weather, I like to be a bit spontaneous when I shoot engagement photos. Anything too planned just doesn’t feel real.

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