Editorial Engagement Photos

Editorial engagement photos in Cleveland, Ohio

“We are super awkward in photos.” Said 3 seconds before Jessica started serving up LEWKS and Nathan turned into the creative director of the shoot.

I hear this from almost every single couple I photograph. It usually goes like this…

Couple: We are terrible in photos

Me: Don’t worry, I got you.

Couple: But seriously, we don’t know what to do with our hands.

Me: Trust. You will nail this. I will give a little guidance and you will kill it.

And every time, the couple rocks the photos. And Jessica and Nathan were no different. They wanted an editorial vibe for their engagement photos that would match their Old Hollywood wedding. I told them I had the place. We met at the Cleveland Museum of Art and…oh my. Jessica in her camel colored coat just lit it up. Nathan started giving direction and, let me tell you, I LOVE when couples really get into the photos and start throwing out ideas. The end result? Take a look!

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