Where should I take bridal portraits?

Or where should I take getting ready photos?

Well, let me tell ya about my love affair with natural light…

So many of my couples ask the above questions. And my answer is always: Anywhere with natural light! Lots of windows or big windows. GIVE ME ALL THE WINDOWS.

But why?

The most flattering light is natural light. I love it, cameras love it, and you’ll love it when you see your photos. It is second to none.

Can you get beautiful photos using a flash? Absolutely. If your photographer knows how to use flash properly then they can achieve amazing results. And, truthfully, you should be asking photographers that you are considering for your wedding photography to show you images they took using flash because it is kind of what sets apart the professionals from the, erm, well…you get it.

Ok back to my love affair with natural light. Below is a perfect example of a baddie who looks like a damn queeeeeen here. 👑 I mean, is this even real life?!? What a stunning bride.

Bride looking flawless at The Westin Downtown Cleveland, amiright?!?

Just look at how the light from the window highlights her face perfectly. UGH. I’m in love with how these photos turned out because of how perfect the lighting was from that window.

So long story long, find spaces with natural light if you can. It creates drama, is flattering, and is my love language.

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