Should I get married in the Winter?

Short answer: hell yes!

But let me ask you a question…have you ever been to a snowy, winter wedding? They are beau-ti-ful.

Rooftop first look in February.

Throw on a faux fur wrap and holy chic. Also, has anyone ever noticed how blue the sky gets on a clear, winter day? Maybe it’s because it is set against the velvety, white snow. All I know is it seems bluer than any sky I’ve ever seen and it is just endless.

In areas where there are four distinct seasons, Summer and Fall get all of the love. And I get it, it is a gorgeous time of the year. But winter weddings are so strikingly beautiful and I feel like they need some love too!

Here are some major advantages to getting married in the winter:

1. Easier time booking and finding available vendors.
2. It won’t be as hot as balls.
3. Snowy photos are the sh*t.
4. You can accessorize more! (See #2)
5. You don’t have to work around people’s crazy summer schedules.

So don’t be scared to plan a Winter wedding, they are stunning, fun, easier to plan, and make for some of the best photographs.

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