Where should I take wedding portraits?

This particular photo is one of my favorite because the buses downtown did not give a single f#&% that we were trying to take an epic photo and we had to risk life and limb for the dip and kiss (100% worth it in my opinion).

I get this question all the time:

Where should I take couples or bridal party photos on the day of my wedding?

My answer? Make 👏🏻 it 👏 personal 👏🏾

**like the above hotties did**

They wanted their photos to be Cleveland AF, so we went to Playhouse Square, the lakefront, and their favorite brewery. There is nothing more intimate or fun than taking photos at places that have meaning to you.

I’ve done pictures in retro arcades because that is where the couple had their first date. Or at an ice cream shop because the bride worked there in high school.

Here is a helpful tip: create a list of things you like to do together. Coffee shops, sporting events, hell- even fast food joints or Target. Then ask your photographer for help narrowing the list and fitting things into the timeline.

Don’t be afraid to do something outside of the norm! Have fun. It is your wedding day, make it personal and make it memorable!

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